Published Stories

Riddle of the Sands: Cruise Passengers Ask the Darndest Things

Review of the CT+L article in the Toronto Star. (Scroll to the bottom)

Toronto Star Article: Will My Cane Float? Lessons from a year of cruising with seniors


6 thoughts on “Published Stories

  1. Rob

    Read the story you wrote for The Star. Inspiring stuff. As a nurse I’ve been honoured to look after a lot of different people. My all time favourite patient was an old country doctor. At the side of his bed was a poster that proclaimed: Old Age Ain’t for Sissies. Your article reminded me of that. Thanks.

  2. jo

    Marc, I just read your article in the Toronto Star. It really made me smile. Great story.

  3. ddistefano

    I really enjoyed your story in the Star today good work!

  4. OMG…these are soooo familiar. How many times have we heard these questions and wondered…”what?” You could write for years relating all these stories. Thanks!

  5. Matt

    Marc, great writings. Brings back fond memories. Never stop trying to swim under that island. That’s where the blue water is.

  6. Didn’t your first cruise as director include a passenger waking up blind? LOL!

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